Understanding More About  Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a way where a person eats a healthy diet on some days of the week and fast on some; it is a way where the period of fasting is alternated with controlled eating.  This time it is crucial since apart from abstaining food it is an essential way to reduce calorie intake in the body thus reducing the risk of your body from suffering from diseases that are caused by taking too much calorie in your body.Through intermittent fasting, you can have good health since it reduces the urge of grabbing a snack and sugary food and this helps in normalizing the body since insulin resistance can cause many chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart infection. It improves the brain health because it helps in conversion of glycogen into glucose which assists in energy production.

Through intermittent fasting can help you to reduce weight is a lifestyle change and burns the fat slowly, there is occasional fasting plan that you are introduced to where you usually eat for five days and reduce the calorie for the rest two days. The two days should not be. Consequently, you can distribute them through the week the 24 hours you replace by drinking fluids and taking light meals. Intermittent fasting also helps in control of blood pressure, insulin, and cholesterol. It enables you to reduce cholesterol and insulin which helps in conversion of body fat and increase your energy level . It can also reduce body resistance to insulin which lowers the chances of getting diabetes and even reduce stress which is the leading cause of heart disease. When we fast for a few days,  the body goes through a  procedure that can renew old cells and offer protection against some diseases.

Intermittent fasting is known to help the brain recover quickly and stay fit. By reducing inflammation and blood sugar, it increases hormones to the brain enabling it to stay alert.This will help delay the onset of degenerative diseases and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's. Intermittent fasting is also known to ensure that that body is more resistant to insulin thus lowering the risks of type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that when we fast every few days, we relieve stress to over body and further reduces chances of high blood pressure which is essential to the reduction of heart diseases.

The decline of high blood pressure is achieved by the fasting which will ensure there is no accumulation of fat in the blood veins. When you fast every few day, the body will provide that it affects your growth hormones. Controlling the growth hormones is also seen as another way of enhancing weight loss. Read more about weight loss at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/losing-weight/.